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This Web Site is designed to answer many questions regarding the office policies, expectations, qualifications, equipment, instrumentation, and examinations used at the Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Brad Batchelor and his assistants will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. By staying abreast of the scientific technical developments and research in chiropractic and related health care fields we provide the most effective chiropractic care available. 

A Doctor of Chiropractic is educated as other physicians are. The basic difference is that chiropractors do not use medications or surgery as treatment, but rather specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological, musculo-skeletal, and spinal dysfunction at a sophisticated and refined level.

Whatever your own personal case or age may be; (auto or work injury, sports injury, childhood care, acute injuries to regular preventative and maintenance care, you will receive quality health care at a reasonable cost. 

If we think we can help you reach  your health potential we will accept you as our patient.  If  you need additional diagnostic testing or another opinion we will refer you to the appropriate facility or Specialist.

 Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic incorporates the use of combined research and development by engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and chiropractors. A highly exact and scientific technique called precision chiropractic as well as other reputable proven methods are  used to restore and maintain the structure of the body to its most optimum state, for maximum health and happiness. 

Our goal over the past few decades has been to utilize the very latest in technological advancments to provide the best and safest in Natural health care.

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Batchelor Chiropractic incorporates electronic medical records to improve efficiency, accuracy and quality of care.  All patients benefit from this technology and service.

Online registration is required of all patients to complete your free medical record and for you to have access to your information and ability to update your status AND even schedule your appointment.  PLEASE READ ALL ONLINE DIRECTIONS AS WELL AS ALL EMAIL INFORMATION AND WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS, PIN NUMBER AND USERNAME INFO ETC.  

If you do not have e-mail and or are not familiar with the computer or not fluent with the English language we will be very happy to assist in completing your information when you visit the office for the first time. 




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